Bahu Fort & Nandni Willd Life

Bahu Fort

Bahu Fort is among the bahu fortpopular sightseeing attractions of the city of Jammu, which was built by Raja Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago. The fort was later restored during the 19th century by the Dogra rulers. Other notable attractions of the fort include Bahu Temple, a shrine dedicated to Goddess Kali.

The fort stands on a plateau overlooking Tawi River with the surroundings developed into a well laid garden known as Bhave ki Bahu. Bhave ki Bahu is laid on the lines of the Mughal Gardens from where tourists can have a birds eye view of Jammu city.

An ancient fort is placed within the thick sandstone walls and features eight octagonal towers with enclosures to house guards. There were several reconstructions from time to time in the fort; the last was done by Maharaja Gulab Singh in the 19th century.

Nandini Wildlife

Nandini Wildlife Sanctuarywildlife is a popular site among wildlife enthusiasts that houses various species of pheasants. The reserve was established in an area of thick forests along with wildlife and is situated 28 km from Jammu.

A popular dwelling of pheasants, the sanctuary is home for avifauna species that include Indian mynah, red junglefowl, cheer pheasant, blue rock pigeon, Indian peafowl and chakor.

The wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 34 sq km, providing refuge to various fauna. Leopard, wild boar, Rhesus monkey, bharal and grey langur are some of the species of the reserve.